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Dick Gregory – Dead but Funny to Remember


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The Stones, the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Dealer, & the Hippies All get Busted

How is that? well…
*The Boys in Blue – no, wait… it’s that guy that’s OUT of uniform… found a way to turn the Love-In into anything but that and, with batons a flyin’, busted up a basketfull of hippies, and off to jail they went.
*Over in the UK, there was another kind of busting… where, back in February, one Stone was set up and a second Stone ‘rolled’ along – both were sentenced about 4 months later (*Mick to 3 months in prison, Keith got a year).
*And, finally, the infamy of the Lovin’ Spoonful comes to a head with a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Free Press that Ralph J. Gleason described in his “Perspectives” column in Rolling Stone as “urging people not to buy Spoonful records and not to attend their concerts and, to the girls, not to ball them.” (That’s the advert above ^) But, this ‘bust’ isn’t about Zal’s arrest – it was about him ‘finking’ on his own dealer! Surely a crime in the 1960’s.
*Thought we’d end on a happy note: a couple of months later, the Stones’ sentences were appealed, and the boys didn’t have to serve any time at all 😊
…and… if you take a second look at that page with the news on the Stones’ bust… you’ll see, down at the bottom corner, that you can still catch a night with Bo Diddley!

(First published as our 50-year Throwback Thursday post on 7/27/2017.)

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