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Jim Morrison Stands Out…

…on this LA Free Press Back Cover. It’s the Doors, Sweetwater, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Front Row seats – just $6.50
All this, but just for one night only… December 14th.
Now, as Jim was born ‘today’, the 8th, and this concert was in ’68, we’re going to leave it to you to figure just how old he was. And then to join us in wishing him a Happy…__th!

1st Time Ever in L.A. – BB&tHC w/Janis!

Tonight – and just tonight – at the Cheetah.

Harrison ‘Happens’, and Donovan ‘Returns’

On November 17th… just 2 days from ‘today’ (exactly 49 years ago in 1968), The Smothers Brothers Show is to air.  And, like most shows, it was ‘taped’ a few days earlier.  And un-like most shows, it would probably be reviewed time and again by censors before it was ever seen by the public.  Why?  Because those brothers had things to say 🙂

Dion, and a new singer, Jennifer Warren, were appearing.  So, too, was a very special guest – Donovan. And, as it ‘happened’ he had a special guest of his own – good friend George Harrison, helped to open the show.  See it for yourself, right here >>>>

And that’s not all.  On this Inauguration of ‘Musical Notes’ (this site’s newest section), we’re letting you in on exactly where Donovan was when the show actually aired!  Check out this original page from our Los Angeles Free Press, and that advert in the bottom right-hand corner…

Of course there’s much more to this page ~ a historic announcement (2, in fact) and some additional info on Donovan’s ‘return’.  And all of that can be found right where such info always is – on our LAFPMusic Page on Facebook.  If you’ve an account there, Click HERE.



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