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EXCLUSIVE: Rap Brown Raps with LA Free Press

Our ’50-Year Throwback Thursday’ is quite a contrast, isn’t it? What with Whites, this week, demanding their Superior Rights vs Blacks fighting just for equality… 50 years ago.  And could the contrast be any sharper than this:  the Black leader, in his fight for his Rights back then in the 1960’s (mind you, that’s NOT the 1860’s), is arrested under the Fugitive Slave Law(!) (in Virginia, of all places), while this year’s White Supremacists (in Virginia, of all places) are expressing their gratitude for their ‘equal’ treatment by the current President of the United States.

Interestingly, we think, the interview reveals that Fake News is not a new phenomenon.  And when you get past that (in the interview) you may be intrigued with Rap’s answer to the question we (the LA FP) posed…. “What about whites who hate America’s racism, who identify with the black revolution, but who have a hard time organizing with other whites? Do you think there are significant numbers of such people and do you see anything that people like that could do in the way of actively participating in the struggle against racism and imperialism?”

And what do you think would have happened… where would we be today… if we followed his prescription:  ”Whites can help us by arming us.” Would White Supremacists be non-existent… or greater in number?

As usual, the LA FP was offering up then what could have led to change now.  We think it’s still worth the read.

And what else is on our mind?
Well, several weeks ago, we heard from RW Klarin… a fellow traveler back in the day, who sojourned in and about educational institutes as a student (Berkeley), an administrator, and a teacher (of history) for 30 (30!) years.  Now retired, he’s visiting the places (people, too), not just to see them, but to re-view how they impacted our lives today.  He put about a year’s worth of his discoveries into a book, quite interesting as it’s in a format that can make your own retirement into a wonder-full experience.  Anyhow…  he sent us his musings about Elysium Fields, we ran it, lots of folks liked it… long story made short, we’ve just posted another piece from him today at the ‘Remembrances’ Tab up above… AND you can trip out with him each Wednesday for the foreseeable future!

“Tu abuela en mole!” which, loosely translated…

…means “Your grandmother should be turned into sauce!”


All in all, the meeting was not that different from our present-time meetings about Sanctuary City status.  So, I guess we should bring back that expression and hurl it at the Council Members who listen with the very same defiante demeanor as the sheriff who conducted this one so long ago.

Of course, this is just an important topic… surely it’s that Harrison headline that has had your attention.  And, quite frankly, that article is one of our favorites… especially its photo of George reading ‘last’ week’s LA Free Press!  We’ll post it here for you tomorrow and, too, we’ll post that Cheetah ad for the James Brown Revue on our LAFPMusic Facebook Page.  With regard to it, as we are just now working on a project for the Santa Monica History Museum about the Cheetah, we’ll throw in some additional tidbits on the club and the acts that they hosted.

Army at War with Leaflets

Oh, sure… it was easy to pick the to-be-featured story… the Detroit Riots, right there on our Front Page (50 years ago). But you saw it splashed all over the (TV) news last week, right? Now, Why is that? Well, in the olden days we might be a week behind – this story did not happen in our backyard, and we weren’t a daily. Nevertheless, Los Angelinos often found, with regard to both local and national news, the ‘real’ story in our pages first (as the LA Times mostly carried the ‘mainstream message’).
That said, today we’ll bring you the ‘other’ news (again a message that you wouldn’t have likely found in the more common metropolitan papers, certainly not one that would have been promoted – in order to spread the word, favorably – on their front pages). Please read and enjoy the Front Page promoted ‘Peace Leafleters Bug Army – -Prevent Inductions’.
And, still, the entire ‘DETROIT -REVOLUTION IN THE REVOLUTION’ article is under the ‘A Unique Perspective’ Tab (under the ‘Revolutionary Vibes’ Topic) elsewhere on this website. Even before you find it, though, because, as the old adage goes – a picture is worth a thousand words (and captions help 😊) the ‘integrated band of looters’ lets you know that this telling is not going to be as one-sided as many others.
We’re also putting up another 3 pages on the ‘Diggers’ – under the ‘A Unique Perspective’ Tab (this article, though, is under the ‘Social Injustice’ Topic). The Diggers were a San Francisco phenomenon – some say they brought Utopia, hippies recognized it as freelandia+; the Diggers have a ‘free’ store.. clothes, household appliances, and such, they serve meals at other locations, arrange free ‘housing’ (couches on which to crash, transportation, etc. and etc.
Here’s a quote from one of those San Franciscans, “In San Francisco you just don’t need any money at all anymore.” (And with regard to the Utopian end… ‘the same cat told the Free Press “All of what you need is yours as a matter of right.”)
By April of ‘this’ year, they had set up an LA office, and as our article reports, “they founded a “Love Force” to communicate with all parties…and their to-date statistics are pretty impressive: they have “crashed” 4,872 people, fed up to 700 people a day (perhaps 10,000 meals so far), placed about 200 into jobs, helped about 150 runaways return home. What’s the future they have in mind? And your thoughts about what occurred? Over at the ‘A Unique Perspective’ Tab under which this article is filed, you not only have the chance to say, you’ve the opportunity to become a Contributing Writer for the Los Angeles Free Press. Check it out!

The Stones, the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Dealer, & the Hippies All get Busted

How is that? well…
*The Boys in Blue – no, wait… it’s that guy that’s OUT of uniform… found a way to turn the Love-In into anything but that and, with batons a flyin’, busted up a basketfull of hippies, and off to jail they went.
*Over in the UK, there was another kind of busting… where, back in February, one Stone was set up and a second Stone ‘rolled’ along – both were sentenced about 4 months later (*Mick to 3 months in prison, Keith got a year).
*And, finally, the infamy of the Lovin’ Spoonful comes to a head with a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Free Press that Ralph J. Gleason described in his “Perspectives” column in Rolling Stone as “urging people not to buy Spoonful records and not to attend their concerts and, to the girls, not to ball them.” (That’s the advert above ^) But, this ‘bust’ isn’t about Zal’s arrest – it was about him ‘finking’ on his own dealer! Surely a crime in the 1960’s.
*Thought we’d end on a happy note: a couple of months later, the Stones’ sentences were appealed, and the boys didn’t have to serve any time at all 😊
…and… if you take a second look at that page with the news on the Stones’ bust… you’ll see, down at the bottom corner, that you can still catch a night with Bo Diddley!

(First published as our 50-year Throwback Thursday post on 7/27/2017.)

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