The Pompous Clown Affair

Now is a time of ever increasing constitutional turmoil. We continue to endure an exhausting, dishonest and corrupt to the core JV Team Oilygarch who at every opportunity denigrates the very rules of law it’s his core constitutional duty to faithfully execute. If nothing else, the Mueller Report revealed to us the details of transgressions as hideous in their unnatural nature as they were bigly numerous in number. There are several conclusions we can and should make about this emotionally insecure estranged from reality stopped growing at adolescent White House squatter who would be our hamberder king without resorting to specific legal definitions related to criminal conduct. For the Founders, character didn’t just count, it was paramount.

He knows what he did. And now we do too. He is not innocent. With the release of the Mueller Report anti-acid anti-tabloid, we the people can now begin to peer into the cancerous windmills of Don J. Quixote’s mind. We can glean a more complete “I’m not a therapist, but if I had to offer an opinion on his mental state I’d say he’s …” A public perception, as good as any actual diagnosis for the totality of the emerging mosaic of illnesses formed by a seemingly random collection of oddly shaped, mostly broken white nationalist bath tiles laced with accents of arsenic, that when held together by aging, yellowed and synapses misfiring tube caulk, revealing a profoundly malignant and dark, disturbed psyche. As we delve even deeper into the depths of his depravity, something akin to a kaleidoscope of inverted Venus fly trap beauty appears. Each additional turn of the lens creating a more intricate, spider web reflection of an exponentially growing, deeply psychotic man and his escalating chaotic patterns of increasingly abhorrent behavior and failed modification therapy gone horribly wrong.         

Without so much as a redacted line of empathy to temper his let’s call it ambition, although it is in actuality more like a black hole of hunger and loneliness that can never be satisfied, his actions were and continue to be calculated for his circus maximum benefit without any regard for potentially harmful, possibly deadly side-effects to the general public. Headline: If it seems he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, he doesn’t. Let’s move This makes him a clear and present danger to our national security, domestic health, safety, well-being, and to the very soul of our democracy. I assure you, the Founders would not have hesitated for a moment to impeach this mofotic, maniacal miscreant of such little moral conscious and concomitant lack of any discernible societal value. Not for a hot DC moment.

The inevitable negative impact of revolving door malevolent behavior has yet to be fully realized by the gen pop at large. The latest weather report doesn’t look good. Skyrocketing deficits, massive trade imbalances, acceleration of wealth inequality, bigger CEO bonuses, stagnant employee salaries coupled with slowing employment numbers don’t make for a bright economic forecast for most Americans. If it keeps on raining, the economy’s going to break. Is that what it will take? No food on the table, and no shoes on your feet? What will it take, to defeat the deceit? Nancy, if you are listening, with the Mueller Report in your righteous hand shelter us from the upcoming storm with your left-leaning other hand. It’s time to impeach.

Next, more specifics on the need to impede, recede and finally weed out the greed. Si se puede? Yes, we can.

[Ed.’s Note:  Philip Drucker is a recently retired attorney who began his professional life when he graduated from UCLA with a BA in Fine Art. As an adult learner, he attended night classes and earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of La Verne. His growing interest in education led him to the classroom where he continues to teach Constitutional Law at the California Desert Trial Academy. Always interested in the inner working of politics, in 2014 he ran for California State Senator, 28th District. Currently, Philip is an author, guest lecturer, topical speaker and a bit of a (quite entertaining) Ranter.

He is honored to present his understanding of freedom, social justice, and the democratic party’s unique philosophy and historic role in this ongoing social experiment we call America. Likewise, we are honored to have him appear here, regularly.  ]