Late last night, our LA FP Archive Research Service received yet another request; it’s a free service so, as you can imagine, it was only one of many. Nevertheless, we’re always interested in why a particular item is wanted, in this case it was for an article. And it seems to be one that offers a new thought – Is Charlie Manson an American Terrorist Icon?
Yes, we’ve seen him in the reports of Dylann Roof, but they’re all about a similar embodiment of evil, and of motive. Mr. DeMeo’s presentation, however, marks Charlie as the progenitor of our homeland terrorists; someone who – as ISIS and others do now, but on foreign soil – turns young and presumably moral youngsters into cold-blooded killers.
After all, it wasn’t because Manson was a murderer that America was terrified by him. Remember, he was NOT convicted of personally killing ANYbody. It was his ability to create murderers, terrorists, in act and deed… and that he created them from America’s very own children.
Here are the first pages of the LA FP Archive Item that influenced that new article. It may provide you with some insight, as well, as to Charlie’s thinking.

(An historic note: While Manson’s testimony was public record, it was the Los Angeles Free Press that published it ALONG with his letters to us so that the public could, actually, have an understanding of his point of view, not just that of the prosecution. The LA FP, in fact, contains more than 50 pieces on Manson – personal letters, poetry, OUR jailhouse interview with him, and more. If you would like the balance of this article, please send an Archive Request per the directions on the website.)