On January 28th – 1966 – the LA Free Press’ Front Page reported that LA residents not lucky enough to dodge a bullet, or any other incident that might require emergency first aid would, at least for the next 60 days, still be allowed the entitlement of same. In other words, the city was persuaded to hold off on cancelling, for its critically injured citizens, ‘the free ride’ to its hospitals. And, with much more certainty, LA citizens also saved their right to a park free of oil pumping stations; now what about halting the construction of that convention center that’s planned to take the other part of the park. (You can check in the following Issues… they’ll be here, too.) Oh, and btw, we ‘scooped’ the LA Times.

What else? There’s that report on the ‘well-planned and executed commando-raid’ on Cinerama’s showing of the Battle of the Bulge… the 60’s version of making a statement.

Inside, it’s the telling of the infamous Matzoh Ball Bust, and a Film Review by Anais Nin… yeah, she really did write for us when she took a break from those diaries. Also a report on the National SDS Conference. Hard to believe the central issue there (50 years ago!) was the ‘troubling facts’ re: “the concentration of money and decision making in the hands of a few”? Finally, there’s Mayor Yorty’s, Chief Parker’s, and others response to the McCone Report of the California Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights.
All interesting, all there. Let us know if you want a peek at the text.