Even back then (or should we say… just like now – ?), the business folks were truly OK with using up the public parks – first – and hanging onto their more valuable downtown spots. And, yes, that’s a black man saying… hey, not so fast… and with good reason. Then there’s the story of Urban Renewal. It was a new concept back then, but not so new as to not have already been abused… look who’s taking a loss, look who’s making a profit.
So what did we focus on?
3/4’s of our Front Page portrays the influence of Sabato “Simon” Rodia, who passed just about 6 months prior. (No face to put to the name? Check out the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Yup, that’s him :)) It was his Nuestro Pueblo (then, and now, more popularly known as the Watts Towers), built over a period of more than 30 years that made his mark.
While the more hip – from the Sisters to the Beatles – recognized his contributions early on, they were not designated an Historical Landmark until 1990. Good news is that they still stand today, and you can go see them right now… with a single click HERE.