Beginning ‘tomorrow’, with a theme of Freedom from Racial Myths and Stereotypes, there are programs for youth, seniors, professionals, and intellectuals. The Week is followed, on the 20th, with the Coronation of Miss Negro History Week and her Court. Of course, we know, that now, ALL of February is an opportunity for us to find out more about these historical contributions.
What you might not know, but is also here on this particular page of the LA Freep, is that there WAS – once upon a time – (and, maybe, there will be once again) a FREE University of California! To the advert, we’ll simply add this – David Ossman was soon to be with the Firesign Theatre, and Lawrence Lipton was a journalist, novelist, our own columnist, and… father to James Lipton.
And what you might have ‘forgotten’ was the premiere of The Acid Test. Fortunately, LA Free Press journalist – and Acid Test Participant – Paul Jay Robbins, wrote about it here. (FYI… we’ve taken the time to gather together not only more of the articles on the Tests themselves, but also many of those on the LSD seminars, the personalities (Leary, Watts, Alpert, and others), the Letters to the Editor both pro and con, adverts for books, etc. Let us know if would like to see some of these items… even if only to jog your memory 🙂