Sure, Forest Lawn coming alive to protest communism on their Laocoon lawn sign might have gotten your attention, but what’s inside is more likely to hold it. While some clues are on the cover, here’s a better picture:

*Bob Cohen talks about the reluctance of political camps to show his film, the “Committee on Un-American Activities”. Seems they’re not for something that doesn’t fully promote their cause, though they say that questioning minds are good for all. Guess that’s why we sponsored it’s showing. And we paired it with the film of the Army-McCarthy hearings. Just a buck 75 – and – some of that even goes to supporting a group very likely to give you more of the same (us!).
*Of course, for just about half that – just the buck, no bits – you can drop by Will Rogers’ house, get some free punch, swim in the pool, and celebrate the Anniversary of the No War Toys protest, with… the Doors.
*Speaking of protests, there is Phil Ochs speaking about where he’s at. Did he ever imagine that, after hundreds of his songs, a “left social democrat” would be in vogue (exactly 50 years later).
*Then there’s that Artaud Anthology in the sub-headlines. Should we have mentioned that it’s a book review by… Charles Bukowski?
*And there’s more.