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Month: May 2016

Legalize Abortion Committee Plans for Initiative Petition

M66M3H09601BWM66M3H09609BWOn this Throwback Thursday, we are presenting you with our lead article and, for context, these links on what has recently happened in Oklahoma and… in Poland.

Please notice that on the second and final page of the article, there is a photo from the Kienholz Exhibit that was covered in the previous two Issues of the LA Free Press published in this Section. There is also the first part of an article on Electronic Music emerging ‘from the fringe’.

And, importantly, one on the demise of the infamous Prop. 14.

Elsewhere, in the Issue, you’ll find a long article entitled ‘State Legislature Outlaws LSD After Scare Publicity Barage’.  And a much shorter – but more surprising – one on Timothy ‘Leary’s Politics and Ethics of Ecstacy’ wherein he proposes a one year moratorium on the taking of LSD and other psychedelic chemicals.

Of course there are others, but we especially encourage you to consider making a comment on these that would be worthy for inclusion in our ‘A Unique Perspective’ section.

Let Freedom Ring! on this Throwback to May 13, 1966

M66M3H09501BWThis LA FP Front Page bristles with ‘anti-censorship’! First, there’s that ominous headline: ‘Last Chance At Savage Truth’. What’s that all about? It’s a full page on the Edward Kienholz Exhibition, what his art says, and who had what to say about him saying it or not.

In columns 2 and 3, under the headline ’60 UCLA Faculty Members Protest Club Registration’ is an article that actually promotes registration of a club; a stance against the club being classified by the Attorney General, Nicholas Katzenbach, under the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950. It’s the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs that are in the cross hairs, and it seems to be an effort to silence the swelling membership of anti-war protestors. For the record,the faculty members are not saying that they either support or protest the war, themselves, rather, importantly, that the freedom to protest should not be annihilated by such a tactic. If you would like to know more about the Club, Click HERE
(When you arrive to that link, Click ON the picture of the original LA FP page to read that original article. If you’ve a substantial comment, please send it onto us for publication consideration.)

In columns 4 and 5, the ‘Anti-Censorship Meeting Plans Permanent Group’ is the meeting that we told you, last week, was coming. It’s Members are an impressive group, and their purpose is also in the interest of on-going freedom of expression. Also along those lines, inside the Issue, we’ve an article on Andy Warhol… and his anti-all take on the culture of the times.
Here are the continuations of those Front page articles:

Finally, as we usually do, here are some tidbits ~
*Front Page picture of Trina Robbins…not just a Beauty Queen, but possibly the true catalyst of the Underground Comix from a chance remark to Flo Steinberg in Stan Lee’s office. (We know you’ve heard of him, let’s us know if you want to hear more about these two, as well. Both went onto ‘comic careers’, and certainly some mention of the LA FP’s role in the genre should be made. Yeah, we can do that… maybe some of the covers featuring the Furry Freak Brothers, and so on. Up for that?)
*The Warhol article is by Paul Jay Robbins… someone who, apparently, appreciated many of Trina’s talents. To his own credit, not only did he write, but he bravely went where few other reporters did; back about a month ago (in 1966, of course) he actually took the Acid Test before reporting on it. btw… the LA FP is THE repository for the history of the Acid Test’s LA trip.
*The Kienholz article is by Jeanne Morgan… another LA FP Staff Member we should put on our Staff Page. So we will.
*Lawrence Lipton has more remarks on Ralph Ginzburg, and there’s an ad by The Committee to Protest Absurd Censorship in support of Ralph.
*There’s also an ad for a lecture by Dr. Timothy Leary.

“What did Ralph Ginzberg do?”


Please note the Front Page article in the bottom right-hand corner about the soon-to-be-Officially-formed committee. It’s this week’s Throwback Thursday selection.
This committee’s formation follows that of the Committee to Protest Absurd Censorship formed last month in New York, and the more recent action of the Beverly Hills Chapter of the ACLU. That Chapter’s unanimous support – they’ve more than 2,000 Members – for publishers of nudist magazines was reported in ‘last week’s’ Issue. The article also made it into our Flashback Friday section, titled as ACLU Stands Up for Nudists. (You can see that HERE).
This matter of censorship is the focus here, today, and, hence, our referral to Lawrence Lipton’s column on page 2 where he discusses it more fully.
[Ed.s Note: Mr. Lipton is an illustrious writer whose Radio Free America column appeared within the LA Free Press for years. Over that course of time, he brought to the fore issues – very often ahead of others, and with much more conviction – that needed to be considered publicly. We’ve much gratitude for his work and, as it now seems long overdue, we will post his credentials and begin an index to his contributions in our The LA FP Staff section.]

It’s Fair to Say That, on This Throwback Thursday, We Remember the Faire Fondly


Because, that’s where we got our start… our very first Issue was folded into their ‘broadside’! That was way back in May of 1964. We then took the money from those first sales, formed up, and began publishing in July. Continue reading

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