Because, that’s where we got our start… our very first Issue was folded into their ‘broadside’! That was way back in May of 1964. We then took the money from those first sales, formed up, and began publishing in July.
And, yes, that’s right… we were selling that first Issue, and each Issue printed from that point forward. Nevertheless, with many a hippie hawking them on this and that corner, most folks thought the ‘Free’ in our name meant that they were to be given away. Now, fifty years later, after more than 100,000 readers a month and more than 600 other papers starting up in our format, it’s pretty well-established that the ‘Free Press’ did – and still does – mean ‘free’ from government control. Ahhh yes, we certainly were vexing the authorities back then, AND now, having started a trend that they could not stop. It is, today, a good Throwback Thursday for (all of) us.
Beyound that merry thought, are these:
Via this Issue we are, in a way, returning the Faire’s favor to us – here we’ve given over our Front Page, as well as many of those inside, to their complete schedule. You can see, right away, that there is much to do, many a tough choice…hmmm… at 3, is it the Fertility Song Lady, or the Feast of the Ass?
And, too, because we’ve, for this occasion, changed our masthead – even our logo – there are no sub-headlines to tell you that, inside, there is:
* A review of The Diary of Anais Nin, 1931-1934 by Deena Metzger. (Here’s an aside – Do you remember Deena? What a handful she was! Lost her job as a school teacher after writing what was deemed the ‘filthiest poem, EVER’ – and only we would hire her, in support of free speech and, by the way, because she was a talented writer. When we publish what our many writers went on to, her story will be among them.)
* Then there’s an extensive excerpt from Ms. Nin’s Diary. (And here’s another aside – Anais will ALSO be on that list of our writers. Really. We’ve some reviews of plays, and books, and more… that she wrote for US.)
* Then there’s that little blurb about the ACLU (of Beverly Hills and the Westside, no less) standing up for the rights of the nudist magazine publishers. As two peas in a pod for freedom of speech, we’ll go ahead and publish that piece in our Flashback Friday section. Come on back – tomorrow – and take a peek at that 😉
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