M66M3H09601BWM66M3H09609BWOn this Throwback Thursday, we are presenting you with our lead article and, for context, these links on what has recently happened in Oklahoma and… in Poland.

Please notice that on the second and final page of the article, there is a photo from the Kienholz Exhibit that was covered in the previous two Issues of the LA Free Press published in this Section. There is also the first part of an article on Electronic Music emerging ‘from the fringe’.

And, importantly, one on the demise of the infamous Prop. 14.

Elsewhere, in the Issue, you’ll find a long article entitled ‘State Legislature Outlaws LSD After Scare Publicity Barage’.  And a much shorter – but more surprising – one on Timothy ‘Leary’s Politics and Ethics of Ecstacy’ wherein he proposes a one year moratorium on the taking of LSD and other psychedelic chemicals.

Of course there are others, but we especially encourage you to consider making a comment on these that would be worthy for inclusion in our ‘A Unique Perspective’ section.