The death of Mr. Deadwyler is the Front Page story. The Los Angeles Police Department maintains that, at a routine stop, its Officer’s gun accidentally discharged and fatally shot Mr. Deadwyler. The black community believes that Mr. Deadwyler, a father of 4, rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital, was not accorded the same courtesy that would have been shown to someone who was white, and was, instead, murdered by LAPD Officer Bova. The full two-page article is above. There are two more relevant articles in this Issue. One is an article by Councilman Thomas Bradley (later Mayor Bradley) entitled ‘Councilman Says Bova Should Have Mental Test’. The other article is about Assemblyman Mervyn M. Dymally (D-Los Angeles) asking the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to investigate the shooting. He is a member of the California Advisory Committee to that Federal Commission,and states that their help is needed “…particularly because Los Angeles is unfortunate in having no police review board’. Both of these articles are available with a request to our Archive service.

While the next article does not make mention of the Deadwyler’ incident’, it provides some context, by providing some (perhaps surprising) information about the racial environment of LA.

There is, too, though not provided here, an article questioning why Governor Pat Brown is still supporting the enforcement of Prop. 14 (California’s ‘Fair’ Housing Act) when the State Supreme Court has ruled it a clearly discriminatory to minorities. The article is entitled ‘Councilman Asks Governor to Clarify Stand on 14’ and is also available via out Archive service.

In the Issue there is also, as the Front Page announces, a discussion on LSD…it has points of view by two authorities and, in all, is more than two full pages in length. The touted Vietnam Examination is our Centerfold. And, not headlined on the Front Page, but of significant historical importance are many more articles…for instance, the one of the first protest by the Los Angeles Committee to Fight the Exclusion of Homosexuals from the Armed Forces. (And, yes… ALSO available through our Archive services, just like the others, by a request to the same email.)