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Month: September 2016 (page 1 of 2)

A Contrast of Colors & Still a Fight for Rights


And you were thinking that the Civil Rights Act of ’64 resolved these differences? Or that things were just getting off to a slow start?

Well, now we’re at the 50-year mark, and the fight for White Supremacy has morphed into the ubiquitous reality of ‘white privilege’ (so much more acceptable with- out the caps, isn’t it?). And, currently, it seems not as many of us are buying that old saw that a Militant Black Movement will set Blacks back a 100 years or so. In fact, it might, indeed, be only a short step back to 50 years ago.

Why not look HERE and ask yourself if today’s Charlotte was 1965’s Watts?

OurRevolution (our 1.0 is now a 2.0?)


Last week, our Front Page article noted the dilemma of our times – the choice of either one or the other un-wanted candidate for a top office.
This week “a newly-formed coalition for independent political action” proposes a solution: Boycott the race, vote the down-ticket.

Of course, we here at the LA Free Press are surely recalling those days, 50 years ago, when we tossed about the idea of “OurRevolution.com“. Though, frankly, we weren’t ever sure, back then, exactly what that “.com” meant. (Heck, we couldn’t even “google” it.)

Nevertheless, seems someone has revived the concept, and you CAN see it NOW at the above mentioned ‘url’ (whatever THAT is).

The Lesser of 2 Evils (Before, for sure. Again, or not?)


By John Simmons,
Contributing Writer, Los Angeles Free Press

Get the Oil? Been There. Done That.


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