m69m3h25601cwYes, Timothy Leary called us … and later this evening, we’ll tell you more of what he told us, and what happened with John’s song.  For now, we just what to take the moment to recognize that past Beatlemania, the man made a mark politically, peacefully.





So, now hours later, we are sharing this ~ Timothy’s Leary’s proposal for a 3rd party… as FIRST announced in the LA  Free Press!  Interesting to see what he envisioned, interesting to  see who his first supporters were. And, yes, John Lennon was tasked with writing the ‘Official Party Song’. m69m3h26107bw

As it turned out, Dr. Leary wasn’t all that crazy about John’s first presentation, nor was John.  And, as time went by, and the good Doctor wasn’t in pursuit of a re-write, John re-crafted it… to what we now hear as his own release… not at all related to that party.