Now that it’s been about 3 weeks since the latest Beatles rockumentary came to town (9/15), and one of the lads has just stopped by (Paul’s at the Desert Trip… (10/7-16)… we figured it’s high time we posted some of those ‘rare, not often seen’ pieces that everyone else promises…

The Beatles first showed up on our East Coast in February 1964, went home, then came here (to the West Coast) in celluloid. So, of course, the LA FP went to the cinema to see them!
The Beatles listed on the London Stock Exchange?!!
Check out Lawrence Lipton’s Column ~ THE WASP. (The News From Nowhere Flash!!… and … the NFN. FLASH! FLASH!
Now think about this…IF we could have all bought stock… would we have? Opportunities missed, hey? Well, don’t miss this one to read the rest of that column… we might need THAT solution pretty soon.



Well, this hardy ever happens…a second(!) Review of the same movie(?). Nevertheless, here’s A Hard Day’s Night all over again:


So Paul’s at Desert Trip this week… 140 miles and just(??!!) Fifty-One Years after Beatlemania first came to town. Absolutely Remarkable.