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Month: November 2016

1966 LA FP Headline: Election Reveals Democrats’ Weakness


…There’s also the ‘Lessons the Liberals Failed to Learn’ right there on the very same page. While the viewpoint of their authors differs a bit, there is no doubt that in this regard they are identical: without a look back, those on the road forward are not prepared to plan ahead.
Both of these articles continue on, and we’ve put this page and each article’s respective following pages here:

You can make comment there, if you’re not still shell-shocked from the recent events. Of course, it does go with out saying (but you can say so if you wish) just how remarkable it is, that had you had these articles in your hand just 1 month ago… though they were first published in the LA FP in 1966… how clearly they could have told you about that turn in the road in 2016.

For All You Freaks: It’s the 1st Published Frank Zappa Map of Freakdom


FREAK OUT Hot Spots in Freakdom!

Map & notes by Sir Zappa, current as of 1966.

Please Note: Things have changed a bit these 50 years later.

Can this possibly be…. folks who aren’t crazy over Frank???

Since we shared this post to our FB page – https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic – we’ve had 5 UN-Likes!!! If you’ve a moment, please head over there and add a Like to help push that stat back up, k? Besides – as a “Thank You” for your visit here… and an in-your-face to those who should pause to appreciate Zappa… I put up one of his invites to a Freak Out! You can see that, there, too. 🙂

Trotskyist Or Black Activist. Which One’s Time Has Come?


Sheriff’s Department Stages An Arrest

Naw… this stuff doesn’t really happen.