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Month: January 2017

Will US Nuke China?

As usual, there are too many interesting articles in our 50-year Throwback Thursday Issue to simply call out a single one to feature. This week, we’ll dispatch of that challenge with a quick summary of two of the three Front Page articles… and leave the third for you to ponder what might have been and… ominously, what might be.
So, onto article #1: Provos Smoke Legal Herbs, Spread Fog. First question, of course, is “Who the heck are the ‘Provos’? Well, individually, they seem to be (A)anonymous but, as a group, pretty-well defined: they are provocateurs. And, to be clear, this is not just a reference to an artistic, anarchistic assembly but, rather, a true ‘brand’ – there are, at least, 3 groups that incorporate the word into their name. While, yes, there are also other groups using the same tactics that do not have ‘Provos’ in their title, but are said to ‘be’ ‘provos’. A key characteristic, a defining trait, is that their actions are not set to encourage the accomplishment of a specific goal; their provocation engaged their audience, and engagement is the key to change. Does this bring our Provocateur-Elect to mind?

Our second Front Page article…Cops Caught Holding, Get Legal Wrist Slap. Indeed, there was a double standard.
And, now, onto our 3rd Front Page article… you’ll want to read this one

The Tribes Gathered…


When people speak of the “Human Be-In”, most often that story begins with “San Francisco’s…”. Though, at the very same time, it ‘happened’ in L.A., too! Didn’t know or don’t ‘remember’? Well, you can read about it, right here, right now, right on the Front Page of ‘this’ week’s Issue of the LA Free Press.

Some facts – the two events were jointly planned, it was the first time a public LA park was used for this kind of event (but, frankly, this was the first event, really, of its kind), peace and love abounded from 12 noon ‘last’ Saturday (January 14th) to 6 that evening, a permit was in place, 5 bands played, no police showed and, apparently, a good time was had by all.
[And just because those bands played for free, here’s their honorable mention: the Frenz, the Sound Machine, the Ilford Subway, the Canned Heat, and Ma’s Preserve Jug Band.]

Here, also is the ‘inside story’ (meaning page 3) of the (more famous) San Francisco version of the event. Most importantly, it isn’t only a reporter’s observation of what went on, but includes the insights of several people of WHY it was going on. Among them, these are the reporter’s own thoughts:
“There seems to be a mass yearning, especially among the young, for a return to the Indian tribal system, a society which follows only a leader they believe to be brave and honorable. In this societal structure a leader who has lost his charisma (or his credibility) is virtually phased out by being ignored. Eventually he discovers nobody is paying him any attention.
The Human Be-In, alternatively promoted as a “pow-wow” and a “gathering of the braves,” had strong Indian overtones and it is easy to believe that a series of such gatherings – and others have been promised – may lead to a genuinely democratic social movement outside of the major political parties.”

Makes you love Throwback Thursday, doesn’t it?

Citywide Protests Against Police Planned

m67m3h13001bwWe’re thinking that you’d be much more excited by the other ‘headlines’ on this page.
For instance, that ‘Guerillas on Campus’ grabs your attention, doesn’t it? And who wouldn’t want to hear more about our Favorite Drug-Guru (or is that our Favorite-Drug Guru?)?
On the other hand, Can Anyone Be Serious About L.A.? (Actually, not a bad bit of history on how a city without enough natural resources, nevertheless, grew into a metropolis (kinda like Jerusalem, but really different).

All of this notwithstanding, we decided to ‘feature’ the article on protests against the police. One reason was that we loved the irony of it. First, it was the police that were mis-behaving… the kids were peaceniks. Second…Who became their mentor? One of the most militant groups in town! And, third… rather than being mastered, with their plan of having protestors in 5 locations simultaneously, they will be the Masters. And all because the police broke the ‘truce’ of their own Commission.
Bottomline.. the kids were in the right and had evolved, because of the establishment, to where it had hoped they would never go. And now it’s as if we never left. So the question is, on this 50th anniversary… under this new Administration… how might this go now?

Beyond this, fortunately, two of the articles begin


finish on this Front Page. If you want to see the balance of the Academic Freedom article, just drop a note in the Archive Request Box up top. As to the one on Leary… yeah, lots of people will want see that. For them (maybe you, too?), we’re putting up in our Flashback Friday section. Not been there before… here’s a link… take a trip 🙂

Lawrence Lipton’s Forecast For 1967


Here’s our first Throwback Thursday of the New Year… and the beginning of this year’s ’50 Years-Back’ Series. Is it really worthwhile to review 1967? Well, I can tell you this now… and as you’ll see… the year didn’t quite turn out as Mr. Lipton predicted (or had hoped). But right from this very first Issue, there ARE clues as to how it’s going to unfold, even (and, maybe, especially) in the Letters to the Editor. So, for the very first time I am including those here… I think you’ll find them enlightening, some quite entertaining. My fervent hope is that you’ll be inspired to post something in a similar format.

Also, there’s always some info you can use further on down the road… though you might know which item it is now, or when it might become valuable to you. For instance, right there on the Front Page is that ‘teaser’ headline ‘How Not to Stop The War’. Sure, I know that you know that Father DuBay is really going to be telling you how to STOP the war. And you might be thinking, these days, why would I need to know THAT? Well… think again… because it looks like we’re going to have a Cabinet full of war mongers.

Further down on the list of what’s important (depending on your situation, of course) might be that article “On Collecting Damages For Unlawful Arrest”. For me, for example, it’s coming in handy these 50 years later as I was falsely (and flagrantly) arrested for ‘unlawful assembly’ some years ago. Here’s just the tiniest bit of info: In California, it takes JUST TWO to constitute an ‘unlawful assembly’! Fortunately, after NINE hearings and a FOUR day trial, my ‘criminal’ charges for participating in a protest were ‘dismissed’.
Now we’re onto the ‘Civil’ trial for my pursuit of life, liberty, happiness… and ‘damages’. It’s set for SIX days beginning on February 7th and, sure, you’re welcome to “come-on-down” – admission is free! In the meantime, more details on the circumstance of the ‘crime’ will be forth coming in our Special Features beginning next week.

Hope you enjoy these first five pages of ‘this’ year’s first Issue… with its predictions… now let’s see how our own New Year goes.


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