m67m3h13001bwWe’re thinking that you’d be much more excited by the other ‘headlines’ on this page.
For instance, that ‘Guerillas on Campus’ grabs your attention, doesn’t it? And who wouldn’t want to hear more about our Favorite Drug-Guru (or is that our Favorite-Drug Guru?)?
On the other hand, Can Anyone Be Serious About L.A.? (Actually, not a bad bit of history on how a city without enough natural resources, nevertheless, grew into a metropolis (kinda like Jerusalem, but really different).

All of this notwithstanding, we decided to ‘feature’ the article on protests against the police. One reason was that we loved the irony of it. First, it was the police that were mis-behaving… the kids were peaceniks. Second…Who became their mentor? One of the most militant groups in town! And, third… rather than being mastered, with their plan of having protestors in 5 locations simultaneously, they will be the Masters. And all because the police broke the ‘truce’ of their own Commission.
Bottomline.. the kids were in the right and had evolved, because of the establishment, to where it had hoped they would never go. And now it’s as if we never left. So the question is, on this 50th anniversary… under this new Administration… how might this go now?

Beyond this, fortunately, two of the articles begin


finish on this Front Page. If you want to see the balance of the Academic Freedom article, just drop a note in the Archive Request Box up top. As to the one on Leary… yeah, lots of people will want see that. For them (maybe you, too?), we’re putting up in our Flashback Friday section. Not been there before… here’s a link… take a trip 🙂