When people speak of the “Human Be-In”, most often that story begins with “San Francisco’s…”. Though, at the very same time, it ‘happened’ in L.A., too! Didn’t know or don’t ‘remember’? Well, you can read about it, right here, right now, right on the Front Page of ‘this’ week’s Issue of the LA Free Press.

Some facts – the two events were jointly planned, it was the first time a public LA park was used for this kind of event (but, frankly, this was the first event, really, of its kind), peace and love abounded from 12 noon ‘last’ Saturday (January 14th) to 6 that evening, a permit was in place, 5 bands played, no police showed and, apparently, a good time was had by all.
[And just because those bands played for free, here’s their honorable mention: the Frenz, the Sound Machine, the Ilford Subway, the Canned Heat, and Ma’s Preserve Jug Band.]

Here, also is the ‘inside story’ (meaning page 3) of the (more famous) San Francisco version of the event. Most importantly, it isn’t only a reporter’s observation of what went on, but includes the insights of several people of WHY it was going on. Among them, these are the reporter’s own thoughts:
“There seems to be a mass yearning, especially among the young, for a return to the Indian tribal system, a society which follows only a leader they believe to be brave and honorable. In this societal structure a leader who has lost his charisma (or his credibility) is virtually phased out by being ignored. Eventually he discovers nobody is paying him any attention.
The Human Be-In, alternatively promoted as a “pow-wow” and a “gathering of the braves,” had strong Indian overtones and it is easy to believe that a series of such gatherings – and others have been promised – may lead to a genuinely democratic social movement outside of the major political parties.”

Makes you love Throwback Thursday, doesn’t it?