As usual, there are too many interesting articles in our 50-year Throwback Thursday Issue to simply call out a single one to feature. This week, we’ll dispatch of that challenge with a quick summary of two of the three Front Page articles… and leave the third for you to ponder what might have been and… ominously, what might be.
So, onto article #1: Provos Smoke Legal Herbs, Spread Fog. First question, of course, is “Who the heck are the ‘Provos’? Well, individually, they seem to be (A)anonymous but, as a group, pretty-well defined: they are provocateurs. And, to be clear, this is not just a reference to an artistic, anarchistic assembly but, rather, a true ‘brand’ – there are, at least, 3 groups that incorporate the word into their name. While, yes, there are also other groups using the same tactics that do not have ‘Provos’ in their title, but are said to ‘be’ ‘provos’. A key characteristic, a defining trait, is that their actions are not set to encourage the accomplishment of a specific goal; their provocation engaged their audience, and engagement is the key to change. Does this bring our Provocateur-Elect to mind?

Our second Front Page article…Cops Caught Holding, Get Legal Wrist Slap. Indeed, there was a double standard.
And, now, onto our 3rd Front Page article… you’ll want to read this one