A tad unusual…here’s our SECOND 50-year Throwback Thursday post of the day. For your convenience we’ve posted the very same Front Page – as the articles begin there – and then the page that each article ‘jumps’ to.

But first, let’s look at the one article that is complete on the page – ‘10,000 Will March on Reagan’. Personally, I think the ‘winner’ headline would have been, from a line in the article, ‘Reagan Financially Castrates Higher Education’. How? He announced his plan to end what you now hear is an impossible dream – FREE university education. Yes, it actually existed back then. And not wanting it to end, well, that’s why all those students were on the march. Apparently, it took more than marching – a lesson to learn – as just a few year later, he did, indeed, institute tuition, and it’s only gone up since then.

(Can we bring it back? Seems so… New York has a plan 🙂

Then there’s the article on the ‘Monster of a Protest…’; read why… that seems to be coming back, as well.

And, finally, the article we choose to highlight – the one about high schoolers (“rebellious young writers) publishing their thoughts.