Well, of course(?), it’s the “Young Reaganites” as you can plainly see by the title of our Front Page article. And while this may seem revolutionary, it’s when you follow the article to page 2 that you really get to see ‘what’s happening’.

There it is, in both the right and the left-hand columns… while the conservatives are unwittingly on the brink of benefiting from the progressive possibilities of pot, ironically from insisting that the government not expand its purview per their core value… LSD and and its culture are the revolutionary forces that are, actually, in gear.

Lawrence Lipton, in his Free America column, not only touts LSD as something much more mind-expanding than pot, but points directly to why its use is so troublesome… to the ‘establishment’; a truly free-mind is a difficult thing to rope-in, even more so if it is not even interested in the regulations being promulgated ‘for our own good’.

Here’s another insight – most of us (and the establishment, especially) think of revolution in terms of a straight-out push against the regs on the books. But Leary’s advice (or, as the establishment might see it… a battle cry) was to “Turn on, Tune in, and DROP OUT”. In Lawrence’s own words “Dropping out – by any other name, Disaffiliation or whatever – is the deadliest insult anyone can offer the Establishment.”

Reflect on how this would go over today. Think along this line… just for a week or two, I’m not going to go on to twitter… You might also find, at this particular moment in our own times, his references to “an atomic world loaded down with Overkill, no matter WHAT side you’re on.” and “the idiotic Crusades and the berserk fanatical wars of Islam”.

But then head over to that column on the right-hand side of the page and you’ll see it’s not just the drug that’s taking hold, but its proposed culture. LSD, dangerous stuff, indeed, for the ‘Establishment’ – free minds, regulations that aren’t taken seriously, and peace and love for everyone’s fellow person. That’s not going to work for this new Administration. Fifty years in the making… can we keep it on track?