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Month: March 2017 (page 1 of 2)

50 Years Ago, there was some lovin and some vice…

Oh, wait… it’s not just some lovin’, it’s A Love-In. Right there on our Front Page. And, inside, there’s yet another Vice Squad story. As you may have seen, we some saw something we weren’t supposed to… and you can read all about it, right here…

Love Poetry Seized by Chaste L.A. Cops

It was the headlining story… 3 copies of “The Love Book” by Lenore Kandel taken away for the public’s good (a prophylactic action against erotic poetry?) And, we guess, for the same reason, they also took the clerk who made the sale.

We note in the article that the ‘bust’ (bet ya never even gave that word much thought before) was right on the heels (ditto) of our revealing (ditto) the plan of pursuing (ditto) us for obscenity (yup, that’s us) that was announced at the secret (ditto) vice (ditto) convention (ditto) last week.

Of course, we weren’t supposed to have been there and, surely, we weren’t supposed to have printed what we weren’t supposed to have heard. And now we’re being screwed (ditto) by the LAPD! Well, as they say “We’ll see you in court!”… and we’ll keep you abreast (ditto).

Now onto better news…seemingly in the same realm, but on a much higher plane…there’s a ‘Love-In’ “happening” on this Sunday 🙂 Look for how well it went it next week’s Issue (will be on our Throwback Thursday post – see you then).

And, btw, we’re also printing here, from this same Issue, even more from that secret vice convention… oh, we are so very naughty (ditto).

Vice Hunting in Los Angeles – in 1967.

Come along with us to a Series on Vice Control.
At your own risk, of course, as only working cops are invited.
Thus far, it’s been very instructive – there’s a broad range of lectures, everything from how to handle those homosexuals to what’s to be done about gambling.

There was also a porno flick (well, almost a porno flick) and a display of seized goods – among them a pneumatic vagina.
All that hardcore info and those little touches really kept their attention.

This was the down and dirty of hunting vice: where to look, how to measure up what you found to the court standards, and making sure that your arrest didn’t slip through your fingers just because you entrapped whoever you charged.

As a newspaper, we just weren’t very good at keeping things to ourselves. I guess that’s pretty obvious in that we printed the news about their secret series right here on our Front Page. And this, too…
“In response to a question from the floor, following a discussion of obscene printed material, Officer Shaidell said, “Yes, we get every issue of the Free Press and we’re conducting a continuous investigation of it. Some of the state legislators in Sacramento are very upset that the Free Press gets away with what it does.”
“We are getting ready soon to go to the City Attorney and ask him to file an obscenity complaint against the Free Press.”
Remember, you read it here first. 😊

“The Administration’s Credibility Gap”

A phrase ripped from today’s headlines? Of course not – as this is our once-a-week, every week, 50-year Throwback Thursday post.

“The Administration’s Credibility Gap”…a phrase ripped from today’s headlines? Of course not – as this is our once-a-week, every week, 50-year Throwback Thursday post. So is it that, way back then, there were events comparable to those of our present time? YES – and that’s sure as Shinola.

In fact, that’s the very point of this weekly feature… to show that it’s all been done before… AND to emphasize that these are lessons to be learned from so that, this time around, we actually go forward.

To that end, here’s the full quote from the text:
“A term such as ‘credibility gap’ to describe the way the Johnson Administration talks about the Vietnam war is just too mild. What we’re subjected to is deliberate falsification and downright lying.”

You’ll not want to get hung up with it being about Johnson…certainly you recognize that it highlights the comparable problem with our latest administration. And, too, you don’t want to get stuck on it being about that Vietnam war. Simply swap ‘Trump’ for ‘Johnson’, and ‘North Korea’ for ‘Vietnam’… and you can see what’s coming.

Now… what to do? What. to. do? Well… let’s figure that out after this brief look at what was done and, too, why (as the other side is looking at the same lesson) it it isn’t likely to work today. (More coming early tomorrow… that means you can give it a twirl in your head before we say even one more word.)

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