hmm. There’s that article by Jerry Farber… page 8.
But we’re not going there… just yet. Instead, we’ll turn to page 3 so you can read a New Politics candidate’s thoughts about reforming education. He’s a young guy back then – 50 years ago – and, as it turned out, he had quite an impact… eventually.

(You can find out more about that at:
http://www.geo.coop/content/geo-13-frank-lindenfeld-memorial )
One can wonder if, when the issue came out, did he turn to page 8?
However, before we do – we’ll ‘ask’ something of you, and we’ll give you something in return.

The ‘ask: Please don’t read that article in the top left hand corner… just yet.
And here’s what we’ve got for you in return: Tomorrow, you’ll find, in our A Unique Perspective section, a brand new Topic – Education – and that infamous article by Jerry Farber.
After that, you’ll be able to read the Student Bill of Rights in quite a different light.