It was the headlining story… 3 copies of “The Love Book” by Lenore Kandel taken away for the public’s good (a prophylactic action against erotic poetry?) And, we guess, for the same reason, they also took the clerk who made the sale.

We note in the article that the ‘bust’ (bet ya never even gave that word much thought before) was right on the heels (ditto) of our revealing (ditto) the plan of pursuing (ditto) us for obscenity (yup, that’s us) that was announced at the secret (ditto) vice (ditto) convention (ditto) last week.

Of course, we weren’t supposed to have been there and, surely, we weren’t supposed to have printed what we weren’t supposed to have heard. And now we’re being screwed (ditto) by the LAPD! Well, as they say “We’ll see you in court!”… and we’ll keep you abreast (ditto).

Now onto better news…seemingly in the same realm, but on a much higher plane…there’s a ‘Love-In’ “happening” on this Sunday 🙂 Look for how well it went it next week’s Issue (will be on our Throwback Thursday post – see you then).

And, btw, we’re also printing here, from this same Issue, even more from that secret vice convention… oh, we are so very naughty (ditto).