Come along with us to a Series on Vice Control.
At your own risk, of course, as only working cops are invited.
Thus far, it’s been very instructive – there’s a broad range of lectures, everything from how to handle those homosexuals to what’s to be done about gambling.

There was also a porno flick (well, almost a porno flick) and a display of seized goods – among them a pneumatic vagina.
All that hardcore info and those little touches really kept their attention.

This was the down and dirty of hunting vice: where to look, how to measure up what you found to the court standards, and making sure that your arrest didn’t slip through your fingers just because you entrapped whoever you charged.

As a newspaper, we just weren’t very good at keeping things to ourselves. I guess that’s pretty obvious in that we printed the news about their secret series right here on our Front Page. And this, too…
“In response to a question from the floor, following a discussion of obscene printed material, Officer Shaidell said, “Yes, we get every issue of the Free Press and we’re conducting a continuous investigation of it. Some of the state legislators in Sacramento are very upset that the Free Press gets away with what it does.”
“We are getting ready soon to go to the City Attorney and ask him to file an obscenity complaint against the Free Press.”
Remember, you read it here first. 😊