There’s a student strike, a ‘massive arrest’ of American hippies in Mazatlan, Mexico, an apparent effort to ease the minds of those who really did see the UFOs of the 60’s, and the demonstration against the outrageous pricing of shows at the Cheetah. All on this Front Page of the LA Freep.

But… the story most applicable, we think, to today’s events is on Page 2. So, while the remainder of the strike story is there, your attention should, perhaps, go first to that Open Letter to the Governor in the righthand-corner. And when it does, you should take out ‘Governor Reagan’ of California and read in, instead, ‘Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’. Another guy just racing to commit a string of executions.
His urgency? Well, there was the coming expiration of the ‘use by’ date on the lethal drugs (didn’t want that money to go to waste – even if the drug manufacturer itself was objecting to that particular use of its product), then there were the possibility of appeals – no one wants to get all dressed up for a party and then have it called off and, of course, he didn’t want the chance at making history to just go by – 2 killings a night, and back-to-back at that! Hell, that DOES beat Reagan’s record – at least for expediency on a week by week basis – for goodness’ sake.

(Not familiar with Reagan’s push to get SIXTY executions done, one after another? You can write us for our articles on that.)

Now, surely, in the spirit of this article, we don’t want to leave you ‘hanging’ for what then went down at the Cheetah:
Humble Harve proudly presented – appropriately enough – the Grateful Dead, and also the Yellow Balloon, and the New Generation.
The very cool ad is posted at our FB LAFPMusic Page, and then is followed by one for another ‘happening’ on the very same weekend! …for which I want to give a shout-out to The Factory, Barry McGuire, Hearts & Flowers, Canned Heat, and all the others in that advert who have ‘Friended’ our page over these many years. Thank you all 🙂