Had you thought that the tactics of Black Lives Matter were new to this century?
Or did you really think that they were from way back in the last one (meaning the 1900’s)?

Well, here’s a tactical play in 1967… which splits the difference at a mid-century, 50-year mark.

See any similarity between this and jumping up on stage when Bernie was about to speak, or as other kinds of rallies were to begin? We didn’t see it in the newspapers… unless we pulled out these old editions of the LA Free Press.

While this was on ‘Page 6’ – another reminder of the last-century – there is another article in the issue about this event. Here are some quick take-aways from that …
*It, too, speaks of the San Francisco scene, but to be clear, the main ‘staging area’ of the event was in New York City. When its 300,000 anti-war protestors gathered there, they became the largest demonstration ever in U.S. history! Surprisingly(?), though, the ‘national wire services’ reported a cross-country crowd of less than 150,000 (hmmm…was that more or less than the turnout for the last inauguration?).
*So, in San Fran, Quicksilver Messenger Service band was the band, hippie fashions were the fashion.
But then…for the March… people were ‘categorized’ (who knew then from the word ‘profiled’?) into ‘black people, ‘religious organizers’, ‘business and professionals’…really?
*The Kezar Stadium over-flowed, meaning that more than 62,000 seats were occupied (vs. mainstream reports of only 20,000 folks in the ‘parade’).
*SF’s finest… the Longshoremen… were locked and loaded.
*And… the whole affair, according to our Reporter, was a… “complete failure”. Why? Because 3 hours of ‘motivation’ deoes not make for ‘mobilization’.
***It’s a lesson not to be forgotten at this new point in time… when war is, once again, in the air of Spring.

(Ya know what? I should probably add that you can see part of that article when you look at our other special ’50-year Throwback’ – our LAFPMusic’ Facebook Page. We’ve posted it there ’cause, right below the article, is an advert for the dance ‘this’ weekend featuring, what was then, up-and-coming bands – LOVE, the Chambers Brothers, and Iron Butterfly.