Translation? Peace Not War.

This LA FP Front Page presents principles and actions that helped us stop the war that seemed never to end.
But, as we know, there’s always another one beginning. And always a reason to participate.
Syria, North Korea? Here they are, here we go.

How could we not join The War to End All Wars, how can we not stop the deadly gassing of children, or the megalomania of a leader armed with a nuclear bomb? Philosophy meets facts… and comes away wanting practical solutions.
Look to the past, which, at this point is from today (our time, 2017) to ‘today’ (1967) and, do you see, that when we chose our leaders, our job is still far from done? When our choice is good, step up and make things better. And when we choose poorly, or find we have not had a choice, with good forethought, resist courageously.
And, decide, too, who else needs our help.