Sure, on this 50-Year Throwback the Zen comes first… as it’s the Front Page story.

And, too, it’s done by our good friend Peter Bergman.

Peter was not just the guy doing Radio Free Oz, not just the guy in Firesign Theatre.

PETER was the guy who coined the term ‘Love-In’ (and we, the LA Free Press, were the guys who put that first event together!)

Was THAT a Birthday, or what?

Stuck on that last question? Then it’s time you took a moment to read the article.

And what about our headline today – Zen Someone (Joan Baez) Did Something Right? Well, as it ‘just happens’, when you flip to the second page of the first article… there’s a date-appropriate Tax Day Surprise! Actually, a heroic act of Joan’s… you’ll see the small article on that, which, eventually, had large consequences.

Now, talking about surprises, you’ll want to check out our LAFPMusic page tomorrow (Elliot) for that Canned Heat, Grateful Dead and, yes, Jefferson Airplane gig that I mentioned was coming up. And, for you, Douglas, not only did I, indeed, find one for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (with all bandmates pictured!), but they’re on ‘tonight’!! (So I posted it today… you can see it right now at that LAFPMusic FB Page.)

And, as always, all requests over there are welcome 🙂