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Month: May 2017

FLAGS Mocks Fake Furor Supporting Cut-Rate Edu Budget

Farcical FLAGS (Federation for Liberation from Asinine Glorification of Symbols) and the Anonymous Committee in Support of the Decline of Symbol Fixation and Resurgent Nationalistic Idiocy focused on the fake news that flag burning was all the rage at UCLA.
In fact, the flag burning event was merely a ruse by The Right to discredit the educational institution…with the hope that that might garner support for a stripped down educational budget.
Might we see a similar strategy – and a similar response – these 50 years later?

(And, too, there a Review of the Doors! Posted at our Facebook Page – LAFPMusic – https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic/posts/1547357131992215

What Special Prosecutor? Congress Discusses Banana High

As always, our – like no one else can – 50-year Throwback…
Always ready to spot and tout another ‘first’ of the LA Free Press, I thought “Here it is! We’ve  again led the way – Fake News, circa 1967!”  But, alas, the LA FP does NOT publish fake news. Instead, this turned out to be just a ‘parody’ (defined by merriam Webster Dictionary as a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule.

And its not fake funny, it is, actually, real funny.

NRAcists Seek Vigilante Law

Touting a revolt of the Nation’s Negro Population, and the Congressional push to restrict the sale of firearms, the National Rifle Association is urging its Members to become vigilantes on the ready, locked and loaded, before it’s too late to save this great nation from that upheaval.

God Bless the NRA for promoting this rational national racial riot… so that the significantly saner majority can sharply curtail their influence. Otherwise, 50 years from now they might be calling for an AKA for every crack pot.
We’re just gonna guess that not as many people read the LA FP as should have, and hope that the 3,000,000+ people who joined the Association since this article ran are not all on the same page with its vigilante stance.
Would have been ideal had they dropped out of the posse and huddled with Humble Harve for that hoedown at the Cheetah.
(Surely you remember the Doors, but if you’re not flashing on the Daily Flash, you can take a peek at our LAFPMusic Page on the old FB and see if that, or this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ4s68spzy4 – jogs your memory.)

The Great Spy Society of 1967 – Back Again!

“Americans couldn’t go on being cowboys forever. And we can’t all be astronauts, you know – there isn’t a nose-cone big enough.
But spying! History’s first spy society! Now that’s a feasible proposition.”… so we said on this LA Free Press Front Page 50 years ago.
Go ahead… read what it might be like… the bennies and the perqs. And then ask yourself if, today, we’ve made it to that final point of “two cameras taking pictures of each other”. Or if we’ve even gone beyond that?

The Orange County Love-In, and the cops who couldn’t stay-out also made that Front Page, but inside there’s word of the derring-do of the Realist Ringleader At Large In L.A. – Paul Krassner. We’ll publish more about that tomorrow. Today, there may be another story you’ll want to catch – the book burning at UCLA. Of course, that would only fill-in the details, wouldn’t it?
Truly, the very announcement of the act conjures up the crime of days gone by. Quite a contrast, that of the lead story of too much information to be gathered, and this ending memorial of too much information destroyed… and the irony that they both served the same purpose.

And when you are done contemplating all that, head on over to the Ash Grove or, first, check out the ad posted on our FB LAFPMusic Page for Doc Watson and Kaleidoscope.

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