Touting a revolt of the Nation’s Negro Population, and the Congressional push to restrict the sale of firearms, the National Rifle Association is urging its Members to become vigilantes on the ready, locked and loaded, before it’s too late to save this great nation from that upheaval.

God Bless the NRA for promoting this rational national racial riot… so that the significantly saner majority can sharply curtail their influence. Otherwise, 50 years from now they might be calling for an AKA for every crack pot.
We’re just gonna guess that not as many people read the LA FP as should have, and hope that the 3,000,000+ people who joined the Association since this article ran are not all on the same page with its vigilante stance.
Would have been ideal had they dropped out of the posse and huddled with Humble Harve for that hoedown at the Cheetah.
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