“Americans couldn’t go on being cowboys forever. And we can’t all be astronauts, you know – there isn’t a nose-cone big enough.
But spying! History’s first spy society! Now that’s a feasible proposition.”… so we said on this LA Free Press Front Page 50 years ago.
Go ahead… read what it might be like… the bennies and the perqs. And then ask yourself if, today, we’ve made it to that final point of “two cameras taking pictures of each other”. Or if we’ve even gone beyond that?

The Orange County Love-In, and the cops who couldn’t stay-out also made that Front Page, but inside there’s word of the derring-do of the Realist Ringleader At Large In L.A. – Paul Krassner. We’ll publish more about that tomorrow. Today, there may be another story you’ll want to catch – the book burning at UCLA. Of course, that would only fill-in the details, wouldn’t it?
Truly, the very announcement of the act conjures up the crime of days gone by. Quite a contrast, that of the lead story of too much information to be gathered, and this ending memorial of too much information destroyed… and the irony that they both served the same purpose.

And when you are done contemplating all that, head on over to the Ash Grove or, first, check out the ad posted on our FB LAFPMusic Page for Doc Watson and Kaleidoscope.