We do these 50 year-old posts each Thursday not just because the Throwback is in vogue, but to ensure that the lessons of the past aren’t for naught. But what about this one?
Could it actually be that ‘conscription’ for any kind of service or duty is, indeed, beyond the pale, forever banished, far past what today’s public would ever – as a society – stand for? Or might there be a re-branding and a new marketing effort afoot?

Think about that, for a moment. hmmm… just what IS ‘conscription’, and to what end, for what purpose?

After that moment of thought, you might just find that it’s a good thing that ‘resistance’ hasn’t gone by the wayside. In fact, it seems to be more prevalent than ever before (right?) – and why is that? Might just be that someone, somewhere is ‘drafting’ up a concept wrapped in colorful words that will ‘catch the public’s imagination’.
Don’t just look the gift horse in the mouth… look to see who’s bringing that pony to town.

And, as we’re talking about what’s coming to town, you might want to look forward to ‘June 5th’, when the First Psychedelic Club for Adults opens (now that we’re, at long last, all adults 🙂 )