In 1967, Phil Ochs wrote for the LA Free Press “A protest demonstration does not satisfy the demands of modern mass communications: It is somehow out out of time with the electric age.”

(Since then, the ‘electric age’ has far surpassed – we imagine – anything that Phil had in mind, and the pendulum has swung back; mass protests seem to be the only thing to satisfy what is now ‘mass’ communications.)
He goes onto say, “A protest is an act of negation against an act of negation, cancelling each other out. The times demand a positive approach to demonstrations, a pro-life, joyful, energized, magnificently absurd demonstration against the sucking vacuum of war.”
If he had said “grande” instead of “magnificently absurd” would he have been right on?

While Ochs, known as a singer of protest songs, putting pen to paper, rather than verse to melody, is certainly “newsworthy”, so, too, are our Front Page articles for what they portend. And on page 18 – with yet another connection to music and those who make it, there is the genesis of one of the most significant musical events of ‘our’ time… you can see it at our LAFPMusic Page