The war wasn’t on our shore, but there was a draft to take our boys to it.
Now it is, and now there isn’t… because how we ‘fight’ has changed (going from hand-to-hand to net-to-net), and ‘conscription’ has been camouflaged as an employment opportunity.
But that is, truly, a discussion of many facets… one best done over at the site (under the “A Unique Perspective” tab). (You should check that out some time).
Right now, on ‘this’ day, 50 years ago, the discussion on the Front Page of the LA Free Press was exposing the roots of a coming crisis – the disportionate disappearance of black men from their communities. All these years later, what went on, why it went on, and how it continually impacted their social and economic development… and the consequent current status of their citizenship and its beliefs… still needs to be considered… if one is to understand their contemporary rebellion.
At this moment, though, in this article, the focus is on the individual, and how their situation contrasts with the men of a different color. (Was ‘white’ even considered a ‘color’ back then… is it even considered a color now? As it heads toward minority status in that very same city?) Here the plan was to work within ‘the system’.
However, the system was not just then and not just enough now. So why is it that ‘we’ were so surprised that ‘they’ finally changed their tactics to state more clearly and more loudly that… blacklivesmatter?
And, yet, with a 50 year perspective of all of the damage done, it seems that this should only be the beginning… Is there, possibly, a blackcommunitiesmatter protest just around the corner?