And my, my, my… have we grown! You can read ALL about it, here, in the article entitled: Has The Freep Gone ‘Establishment?’. But just in case you’re only interested in those basics, here’s what’s there, plus more:
*The 1st Issue was founded, funded and written by Art Kunkin in 1964. At this point, the LA FP has 25 full-time staffers.
*The 1st {Official} Issue (released 2 months later… July 30th!) was 8 pages. We made it to 12 pages a couple of times, and then celebrated our 1st, to-be-the-norm, 16-pager about 20 months from that beginning. Not quite a year later, we were heading to the steady 24 pages that we are at ‘now’.
*In ’64, a couple of thousand prints. Now, regularly, 60,000.
*Our guestimate is that the ‘pass-around’ is about 3x that, so a ‘Readership’ of, perhaps, 150,000. (Truly, the LA FP WAS the news. Lawyer-types bought it from the hawkers at the corners – “Don’t be a creep, buy a Freep”. And it was a must-read at every protest, at every Love-In, Be-In, Teach-In, Sit-In – in a word, In and everywhere the non-lawyer types hung out.
*The majority of these Readers were in LA, as you would imagine. But, too, by hitchhiker’s thumb, and even by annnual subscription – ($5 then… and STILL $5 now 🙂 ) – it was read right across the entire Country. And then a leap from NYC to ‘Nam.
And, as you can see, at least 1 guy in England.

It’s that very last thing that makes me want to make you look past these mere statistics, and to urge you to actually READ the article. When you do, you’ll find out why someone who had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought” found us to be his type of newspaper. And, really, it is the statements in this article that account for the growth noted above. (And, only because we’ve a very unique advantage over here at the LA FP Archives – the exponetial growth that it will soon see as The Movements bloom, and the ‘mainstream’ press fails to report.)
So, click on those Pages and blow them up to ‘read-ability, see the reasons we were established, see the reasons for our success, and stay with us to watch how we became the “Icon of the Counter-Culture”.

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