Police Police? Yes, indeedy. Police the Police.
On the 23rd, when the ‘police riot’ broke out, we put together a Special Edition.. just as if we were a ‘daily’ (except, of course, with nothing but the ‘true’ news). In an effort to protect the President from peaceful protestors – for gosh sake, there were even women there with their babies – the police were swinging hard. Men, women, journalists, no matter – if they were there, just by being there, they were fair game.
So, that Special Edition was of the moment – with reports ‘live’ from the scene of the crime. We followed that up with an Issue on our regular weekly print day, with re-prints and the articles that took a bit longer to write, one that also included the reports of the people our reporters had spoken with directly.
THIS issue has the reports that flowed in afterwards. Go ahead, read the Letters to the Editor… first-hand accounts, in words actually written by those it happened to. And, also, a little bit of writing by the ACLU; their suit against Century City for letting it happen. (In those days, $50,000 was a lot more than chicken feed.) We are reprinting the first 3 pages of this issue here, but there are many more. (Let us know if you want to see more, know more… if so, just head over to the ‘Archive Request’ box on our .com site.)

Also with regard to ‘writing’, our Front Page alerts you to look for more on the Watts Riot. We reported on that, too, and also right from the scene… now you’ll certainly have even more eye-witness news, also not ‘filtered’ by the mainstream media.

Finally, perhaps not expecting to still be in the news all these years later – and, this time, with one of the good deeds for which he was known back then – is Mr. Bill Cosby. Apparently, he was in LA again, a break from traveling the world with Kelly Robinson as a (shusssh) secret agent man. Hey, hey, hey… it’s just $2 bucks for that Rolls Royce.