There’s that story in the bottom right-hand corner… the older folk talked about the weather, our conversation-in-passing was about which shop was getting hassled.  And, if you wanted to spend abit more time, you actually could make it into a full-blown discussion.

But, at the end of the day you just wanted to know where you could, safely, pick up some paper or a pipe, maybe a bong if you were a’rollin’ in the bread.

And to what end? Good friends, good music, good vibes.

And, then – the California Democratic Council. Get real; the CDC’s peace slate is nothing but a seduction, a figment of their imagination, a draw-you-away ploy from the serious contenders for change.  Now it gets heavy… we read the article, parse each paragraph – it’s a discussion, man – and wind up right where we knew we were going.  It’s not just that the plan they propose doesn’t go far enough, we know that they’re not going to stand behind it – where’s the truth in their word?  It’s simply a front to pull the Progressives and the other parties in, just keeping the machine trudging to the middle of the road.  So, now… what’s new?

We both know the answer to that one, but check-out the Anatomy of a Sellout anyway..there were lessons to learn then, still are now.

When you’re done with that read, head over to that ‘Remembrance’ Section we mentioned last week.  Today, RW has a piece on Art – yes, that Art.  Then, tomorrow, Paul Krassner has one on Lenny Bruce (yes, one of those two are still alive). If you’re wondering why Paul sent over that piece (oops, gave it away), it’s not that Lenny’s dead, it’s that he’s arisin’…  Yes, it’ll be a very merry Lenny Brucemas!

Right below is THE LINK to this Special Event produced by us here at the LA FP – featuring Chicago (nee CTA… the Chicago Transit Authority), Black Pearl, Sweetwater, Pacific Gas & Electric, and the illinoisSpeed Press!  When this 1968 concert-on-the-beach first happened, 35,000 people came. Join us this time around by clicking on the I’m ‘Going’ Button.  Let’s party!