…means “Your grandmother should be turned into sauce!”


All in all, the meeting was not that different from our present-time meetings about Sanctuary City status.  So, I guess we should bring back that expression and hurl it at the Council Members who listen with the very same defiante demeanor as the sheriff who conducted this one so long ago.

Of course, this is just an important topic… surely it’s that Harrison headline that has had your attention.  And, quite frankly, that article is one of our favorites… especially its photo of George reading ‘last’ week’s LA Free Press!  We’ll post it here for you tomorrow and, too, we’ll post that Cheetah ad for the James Brown Revue on our LAFPMusic Facebook Page.  With regard to it, as we are just now working on a project for the Santa Monica History Museum about the Cheetah, we’ll throw in some additional tidbits on the club and the acts that they hosted.