Yes…Paul Krassner was found alive and well… 50 years ago. Just shortly after he killed himself off by his own hand, that satirical bastard.

So why is it that we are putting this story up as our Headliner?  (when ‘U.S. Concentration Camps Are Ready! Are You?’ is infinitely more important.)

Because Paul Krassner is a true Icon of the 60’s – and that IS with a capital ‘I’ .  Don’t believe it ? Well, here, take a look at a credible source:   Our only addition to it, for the moment, is this:  That guy was all over our pages, us interviewing him, us running ads for his shows, us reviewing those same shows, us running articles on him and those damn YIPPIES! And guess what? He is still going strong… but not a word, not a single word, about us!   Paul??

Now let’s get back to that important article… ‘U.S. Concentration Camps Are Ready! Are You?’.  As you can well imagine, back then people thought that, again, we were ahead of our time – here was real Fake News.  But, alas, it was nothing like that story put out by Mr. Krassner.

In fact, by the next year, the reality was such that our screamer headline was not about sexual rejuvenation, instead it read ‘How to Escape from a Concentration Camp’.  Hmm… you still think it was a joke?  Try this reality on –