Today, for our 50-year Throwback Thursday, we’re featuring our Front Page story on Governor George Wallace as he begins his second quest to become President of the United States. This time he is not running as a Democrat, but as the Nominee of the American Independent Party, a far-right party. Yes! the very same party that nominated Donald Trump in 2016, nearly 50 years later.

(And the very same party name that to this day has surely fooled many a registering ‘independent’ voter.)

The article continues onto page 5 where you also see a commercial reminder to do your ‘patriotic’ duty… (more about that 😊 at the very bottom of this post).

What else is ‘inside’ this week’s Issue of the LA Free Press?  Another historic first – Brown Power steps out onto the LA stage with a direct challenge.  In the coming months, you’ll see (right here, of course) the strength behind those words, and the conflict that ensues when the talk turns to the forced participation of Browns on the front lines…

That article is on page 6 (displayed below), where there’s also a tiny note that Green Power took a beating at their own Love-In. And right next to it, that the demonstrators from the peace protest at the Pentagon aren’t faring too well, either.  Just seems the government isn’t all that keen on opposing voices being heard.

Talk about voices being heard ~ you’ll not want to miss that stellar concert with Blue Cheer, the Grateful Dead, and (For What It’s Worth) Buffalo Springfield ‘this’ Friday and Saturday, November 10 and 11th!   And just so you know, we know that you know that this isn’t really happening tomorrow.  And we know something more – when Buffalo Springfield sings that song on the 11th, that will be exactly 1 year after bandmember Stephen Stills happened on the Sunset Strip protest that inspired his song.  With that said, the $3.50 admission is probably ‘worth’ every penny.

Now let’s wrap this up… so far, we’ve posted our Front Page, and pages 5 & 6. Now following is page 3, but not just because it has the second and final part of the other continued Front Page article – the one on “Deadly” Dow.

It’s because that page presents ‘the something’ that makes the LA Free Press so special: while current news outlets are often afire with one or another anniversary of what is now 50 year-old news, today you are actually reading what the take on that news was… 50 years ago!  And what’s even more special is that, like usual, it was something ‘missed’ by the mainstream press – our good reporting decried and denied by them then, and now suddenly a revelation.

That said, check out that top-right corner – What!!??  Kennedy death witnesses dead?  (Perhaps that’s what’s in those hundreds of other pages – still not released – in the JFK Assassination File that the government just now thinks it’s OK for you to read (with redactions).)

. * . * . *

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