Meat Loaf, Musician and Actor (about Name-dropping Hitchhiker)

I’m driving around down on Sunset [Boulevard, Hollywood] one day and I pick up this guy hitchhiking.

“Where are you heading?” I ask.

“I’m only going up the hill,” he says. “I’m staying at the Beach Boys’ house. You wanna meet a Beach Boy?” He’s really into name dropping.

“There’s some other people up there, too. Neil Young—you wanna meet Neil Young?”

So I gave the guy a ride up the hill. When we got up to the house there were a bunch of musicians there, but nobody I’d ever heard of. And there was no Beach Boy there, although it actually was Dennis Wilson’s house. A twelve-bedroom log cabin with a swimming pool in the shape of California.

I hung around for a while and the hitchhiker said he’d tell me my fortune, although I didn’t really need to hear it because the world was going to end very shortly. I wondered if I’d have time to get my singing career off the ground first.

…A few years later I saw his picture in the paper. Nis name was Charles Manson. I never did get to meet a Beach Boy. (1967)

from To Hell and Back: An Autobiography, by Meat Loaf (Regan Books, 1999)
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.