Well, here’s tomorrow’s news (11/03/2017) ‘today’ (11/02/1967). It’s a bit like ‘Back to the Future’. And, possibly… and this might be a bit of a surprise… with just as good an ending. Why? Because those 50 years ago, fortunately, some folks recognized just how close we were to exactly where we are now and, somehow, kept the inevitable from happening. While they didn’t roll ‘it’ back, they stood in the way of ‘it’ going forward.
How’d they do that? By recognizing what ‘IT’ was.
Keating’s insight at that time – that IT was invisible to most then, may be just as revelatory to many of us now… in that we may, very well, be in the very same situation!
THAT’S the value of today’s LA FP 50-year Thursday Throwback… because we need to see it for what it is… in order to grind it to a halt – again. Apparently, the lesson that followed needs to be relearned: let’s not again be so distracted by all that’s on our right, nor to our left; the genesis of those factions may still be because of their individual’s (perhaps our own) experiences in that dead-center middle(class).
If this is the case, let’s not worry about the extremes to the exclusion of the once again no-longer moderate middle; going over to one side to fight the other side, beyond the good, only forces those in that group to divide themselves rather than staying together to improve the status of their very own group. With polarized factions, how then are we going to come back to the greater strength of unification?
Try this – sit down, relax and curiously read this interview. The key is to being open to what was said, and to calmly assess if this was right-headed thinking, a possibility or (most importantly) today’s reality. If any of those three seem likely, could taking a day off from protesting in order to massage the middle,be productive?