Surely Mark Lane’s response to his own question became our lead story. Afterall, more than 4 years had gone by since the assassination of his brother – the President of our United States – and more than 3 years since the Warren Report.
And, so, who was it that had the audacity to ask?
Less than a month from today, on May 10, we’ll note the 3rd anniversary of Mark Lane’s passing. He was an Attorney, New York State Legislator, Civil Rights Activist, and Vietnam War-Crimes Investigator. But he was best known for Rush to Judgment, his bestselling (it was on the NYT Bestseller’s List for 29 weeks) critique of the Warren Commission’s Report. And, of course, Mr. Lane penned a number of articles for us, the Los Angles Free Press, as well.

Remarkably, RFK had not – publicly – presented his thoughts on the Warren Report when it was published in 1964, and Lane’s book, challenging it, showed that interest in the matter was, obviously, still high. Less than 2 months after this article, RFK, himself, was assassinated… also by a ‘lone’ gunman, Sirhan Sirhan.

Mr. Lane’s final book, Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK, published in 2011, might be the answer that RFK couldn’t… or wouldn’t… provide back when we published this article. (And, too, as the documentary of one of America’s most powerful families plays in the background, there is little mention of Hoffa’s upset with the Attorney General, nor his remark that he thought he would be the one that they would be coming after.) This coming June, we’ll speak more about this shooting – perhaps the first major incident of political violence in the United States stemming from the Arab–Israeli conflict.


In the meantime, let’s give some exposure to less complicated connections but still those hidden from the eye: right-hand bottom corner report of the seemingly nonsensical raids on the peace and love types all come to gather for the Festival of Chauli. Why bother with these folks? Well, for one, lotsa of love makes for lessa war – and can even turn into outright protests against the whole shebang. For instance, and probably just a lucky coincidence (for the cops), there – (on page 3) was Barry McQuire – that peacenik that was shouting about the coming Eve of Destruction – just ready and ripe to be busted…what givin’ war a bad name and all.
On page 15, another troop from the Flower Power Brigade were touting their organization of The Resistance with its 10-day celebration. (Not familiar with The Resistance? Study-up… or hope those 2018 elections go well.)

Back to Barry for a moment – You’ll find that we put the original video on our FB music page – Check it out! and see if you can catch the irony of the line that references a moment in time with JFK.

Now let’s take a leap forward in a kinda Back to the Future way… it was in this issue that Gene Youngblood – another LA FP Writer of note (international acclaim, actually) called the feature film ‘2001’ a “Masterpiece”.  Here’s his piece on that piece – more than 30 years later, what’s your opinion?

Well, enough of the old news – here’s some new news: yet another of the LA FP’s fine writers – literally an icon of the 60’s, Paul Krassner, in light of all that has been happening with the FBI, has graced us with a gem from his past. We’ve buried it over here:

And, Finally – new news re: our feature ‘ARRESTED LA FREE PRESS EDITOR FIGHTS BACK’… A new trial date has been set! May 29th, 2018
With that said, come back this very Friday and look for what has happened, and our next steps toward winning this case!