Coincidentally, Gene Youngblood (who was, back then, the Associate Editor) and I were just discussing, yesterday, how Ted Zatlyn, the Managing Editor was lucky enough to leave about 20 minutes before the bomb was thrown!

Unfortunately, among the items destroyed were the hundreds of Allen Zak’s photos of all the luminaries who had visited this office on Fairfax, and the previous office – Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin and dozens more among them. Art once told me that, for some reason, it took the City about an hour to get a firetruck out to quench the flames… imagine that. (Or you might just remember this all from a ‘real-life’ episode of the Mod Squad 🙂 )

Of course, you can see that this just capped a week lacking in love – the Long Beach City Council was looking for a way to keep our rag from being sold on its streets. (But that other radical rag, the U.S. Constitution, pretty much scuttled its plan. At least it wasn’t the one set on fire.)

So… what to do? Well… we could have swept out the office but… but we caught the Fugs at the Kaleidoscope instead. And here’s what’s really cool – just by staying on our keisters, we are magically slipping into a 3 day orgy… of films!! Check out the notices of the scene of our adventures at:

(And check out the next 2 posts for what happens next 🙂