Who here has ever thought of dating… on purpose… a pregnant woman? But, 50 years after this article, with what we now know about the challenge of being a single mom, and the stories of the many who have purposefully, bravely, and successfully taken on that role, surely we should be convinced that many of these women are admirable individuals. Likely with personality components that make for a wonderful partnership.
The real question might be whether or not, in general, if the other side of the equation is ready for a self-determined partner, confront a past relationship or, most specifically, to adopt a baby not of their making.
Thinking that this might be a hot-button issue – though guessing it’s still not one that’s often in conversation (just as this old article suggests) – I’ll place it right into our ‘A Unique Perspective’ section to see if there’s a soul out there with a comment on what mores, if any, have changed. Are we more enlightened, or still further behind this cultural shift than we should be?

Please note, on the very same page on which the article continues, there is a small advert with a big announcement: Joni Mitchell is making her first appearance in L.A.
(fyi, Joni Mitchell, who, per AllMusic “may stand as the most important and influential female recording artist of the late 20th century” was a single mother – in a difficult time and place. In just a few of her songs and elsewhere, she has shared her thoughts. This may be a surprise to you, as it is to many of her fans… and is another reason for our featuring the article we have – for your own thoughts.)
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