This happened 50 years ago ‘today’… but, of course, it won’t show up in the LA Free Press until ‘tomorrow’ – June 7th, 1968.
And when our tomorrow does come, right here, we’ll instead provide you with the article from the next week’s Issue, June 14th. (Here, for you, a week early.)
Like this article – it will be the real thing… the news ‘OF THE DAY’.
The sad moment caught here was thought to be ‘only’ an ‘attempted’ assassination… and because the issue had already been ‘set’, a new Front Page headline was installed to an existing article and several changes made in it.
Of course, the article in ‘next week’s’ Issue was typed on a blank page… from the unique perspective of being in that unique moment.
Come see what it meant to us then… you might be surprised as it may, very well, change your own perspective.