As promised – though our original readers had to wait till the 14th (our next Issue) to see what memorial to RFK we would print, here you have that Issue now (on the 7th).

But, actually, there is no memorial Robert Kennedy…our featured article mentions him only once; there is no tribute, no cry for him nor his passing. The cold tone, so close to what we surely consider a horrific event, may surprise you. As might the same and singular lack of remorseful words for the other assassinated leaders of change – his dead brother among them. Although many did weep, this is an article that cuts straight to the bone: Who wanted Kennedy dead, and why. It put aside the remembrances, for there was no time to mourn… only time to keep the mission in mind of peeling off the masks of those who wish to keep the status quo.

Surprisingly(?) the message is as dire as when it was first written… and, fortunately, a new reality is still within our grasp. It’s amazing. Let’s learn from these last 50 years – if not from the eons before them – and make today our better tomorrow.